We amplify the impact of arts and creativity at Georgia Tech.

We engage with the work and research happening on campus, provide the resources and experience of our professional staff to support its development, and facilitate the presentation of creative projects at sites all around campus including the Ferst Center for the Arts.

Significant instances of this impact are the Georgia Tech teams that have participated in all three of the ACCelerate Creativity and Innovation Festivals in Washington, D.C.  In 2022, Georgia Tech Arts enabled teams from the School of Architecture at the College of Design, and the School of Literature, Media, and Communication at the Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts, to bring their work to a national audience at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History.

“The ACCelerate Festival is an opportunity to showcase the incredible possibilities that await us at the intersection of art and technology,” said Georgia Tech Provost Steve McLaughlin. “We are proud to once again send teams from Georgia Tech and participate alongside our ACC peers. The arts have an undeniable power to teach, heal, and transform us, and this festival gives great visibility and a new way to experience the innovative and impactful education and research that is taking place on our campuses each day.”


Walking in the Footsteps of History team at ACC 2022.


Performance of Step the Brain Along a Path.


Raise Your Hand team constructing the installation.

Click through the button below to learn about this and other projects, including Step the Brain Along a Path, a 3-year partnership with Atlanta-based Terminus Modern Ballet Theater and a team of researchers led by Christopher Rozell, professor in the Georgia Tech School of Electrical & Computer Engineering and Karen Rommelfanger, president and founder of the Institute of Neuroethics Think and Do tank; and Raise Your Hand, an interactive virtual forest environment created in part by Electronic ARTrium, a Vertically Integrated Project at Georgia Tech, by students and faculty from the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, the School of Music, the School of Industrial Design, and the Georgia Tech Research Institute.



Arts Plaza Pop-Up 2023
Mon, Mar 27 - Fri, Apr 21 2023, All day
A month of events, installations, sights, and sounds on the Arts Plaza at the Ferst Center for the Arts.
Guthman Musical Instrument Competition 2023
Sat, Mar 11 2023, 7 - 9pm
Meet the instruments that will transform the way we play and experience music.
32 Sounds for One: 7 Sounds of Georgia Tech
Sat, Jan 28 2023, All day
Daily on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday All day until Sat, Feb 11 2023
An experiential installation featuring the sounds of Georgia Tech.


32 Sounds for One: 7 Sounds of Georgia Tech
Mon, Jan 16 2023
Tue, Jan 17 2023
Wed, Jan 18 2023
Thu, Jan 19 2023
Fri, Jan 20 2023
Sat, Jan 21 2023
Sun, Jan 22 2023
Mon, Jan 23 2023
Tue, Jan 24 2023
Wed, Jan 25 2023
Thu, Jan 26 2023
Fri, Jan 27 2023
Sat, Jan 28 2023
Sun, Jan 29 2023
Mon, Jan 30 2023
Tue, Jan 31 2023
Wed, Feb 1 2023
Thu, Feb 2 2023
Fri, Feb 3 2023
Sat, Feb 4 2023
Sun, Feb 5 2023
Mon, Feb 6 2023
Tue, Feb 7 2023
Wed, Feb 8 2023
Thu, Feb 9 2023
Fri, Feb 10 2023
Sat, Feb 11 2023
An experiential installation featuring the sounds of Georgia Tech.
arte FITS x GT Arts spring 2023
Thu, Jan 12 2023
Deadline 1/12 to apply to collaborate on the development and creation of an ephemeral art project in Puerto Rico.
Raise Your Hand
Tue, Nov 1 2022
Wed, Nov 2 2022
Thu, Nov 3 2022
Fri, Nov 4 2022
Sat, Nov 5 2022
Mon, Nov 7 2022
Tue, Nov 8 2022
Wed, Nov 9 2022
Thu, Nov 10 2022
Fri, Nov 11 2022
Sat, Nov 12 2022
Mon, Nov 14 2022
An immersive, interactive virtual forest environment where participants cause change in the music, projected video, and…
Step the Brain Along a Path
Fri, Sep 9 2022
Sun, Sep 11 2022
Ballet and the Neuroethics Grand Challenge
Arts Plaza Pop-Up 2022
Fri, Apr 1 2022
Sat, Apr 2 2022
Sun, Apr 3 2022
Mon, Apr 4 2022
Tue, Apr 5 2022
Wed, Apr 6 2022
Thu, Apr 7 2022
Fri, Apr 8 2022
Sat, Apr 9 2022
Sun, Apr 10 2022
Mon, Apr 11 2022
Tue, Apr 12 2022
Wed, Apr 13 2022
Thu, Apr 14 2022
Fri, Apr 15 2022
Sat, Apr 16 2022
Sun, Apr 17 2022
Mon, Apr 18 2022
Tue, Apr 19 2022
Wed, Apr 20 2022
Thu, Apr 21 2022
Fri, Apr 22 2022
Sat, Apr 23 2022
Sun, Apr 24 2022
Mon, Apr 25 2022
Tue, Apr 26 2022
Wed, Apr 27 2022
Thu, Apr 28 2022
Fri, Apr 29 2022
Sat, Apr 30 2022
Georgia Tech Arts fills the Arts Plaza with fun things to do, see, and hear!
ACCelerate Festival 2022
Fri, Apr 8 2022
Sat, Apr 9 2022
Sun, Apr 10 2022
The ACCelerate Festival is a celebration of creative exploration and innovative research happening at the intersection…
Changing Score: Classic Films Reimagined
Fri, Nov 15 2019
French composer Gaëll Lozac’h infuses four early film classics with brand-new musical scores, bringing life to these…
Dökk by fuse*
Fri, Oct 4 2019
Witness a dizzying display by an aerial dancer immersed in 3D lighting design, in a digital environment created by…