NI DO TO | Interview with Yayoi Kambara and Nathalie Matychak

by Georgia Tech Arts
published Oct. 13, 2023

More on KAMBARA+ / Yayoi Kambara

KAMBARA+ was founded in 2015 after Founder Yayoi Kambara's retirement from ODC Dance as a vehicle to produce her choreography, focusing on producing dance performance experiences that cultivate a sense of belonging.

In her choreographic work, Kambara is interested in the authentic voice of the body and its inherent identity in performance. She focuses her choreography on diverse cultural, economic, and ethnic differences by creating space for empathy and dialogue. Taking time to create with a diverse cast is her way of preserving optimism as dance can represent the ineffable resiliency of the human spirit to continue in the face of uncertainty.

Currently, Yayoi Kambara, administrator Tiffany Schmidt, and a small board are working on becoming a not-for-profit organization.