Two dancers facing eachother, her face is up toward the light, he is reaching out behind her. The words image framed by angled pinstripes in blue and gold and the words TECH ART FESTIVAL Study My TECHnique March 27-April 21.
Tech Arts Festival Block Party
Wrap up the Tech Arts Festival with food, dancing, music, and more!



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    • Friday, Apr 21, 2023, 6 - 9pm

Event Details

The semester, and the Tech Arts Festival, comes to a close with a finale that will get you moving!

DJ Unruely will spin all evening; Komansé Dance Theater will perform at 6:30 and 8:30 p.m.; the new Georgia Tech AfroDance Team will perform at 6:45, and GT Creatives will host an open mic at 7. While you're on the Plaza, have fun in the Button It Up photo booth, and sit at the Photorythms installation to see your image be digitally manipulated in real time!

All that creativity making you hungry? Slutty Vegan ATL will offer free boxed meals for the first 75 folks, and Chef Baker’s Place food truck will serve 75 free meals and then have their menu available for purchase.

Photos (c) Komansé Dance Theater.


Arts Plaza
DJ Unruely

More on DJ Unruely

DJ Unruely, the Haiti-born and ATL-bred international DJ, event curator, and brand ambassador, creates electrifying music experiences at the intersection of music, culture, and people. With his diverse Caribbean roots and eclectic tastes, he lights up dance floors around the world.

Since his debut in 2016, Unruely has made a name for himself in Atlanta’s music scene by…

Komansé Dance Theater

More on Komansé Dance Theater

Komansé Dance Theater’s mission is to use art to challenge, create, and cultivate, uncompromising storytelling for the culture. The company utilizes the medium of Black cultural expression to unpack current issues surrounding social activism.

Artistic Director, Raianna Brown, seeks to create work that speaks to people’s experiences and the…

Chelsi Cocking

More on Chelsi Cocking

Chelsi Alise Cocking is a Jamaican-American media artist, product designer, and computer programmer. The foundation of her practice falls within using code, computing, and media technologies for craft in art and design, particularly within the visual arts and the performing arts. The goal of her research and art is to use computing to…

GT Creatives

More on GT Creatives

Georgia Tech Creatives (GT Creatives or GTC) is a safe space where creatives at Tech are able to find and learn from other like-minded creatives on campus.

GTC is a space that inspires creatives to be their authentic selves and encourages them to never hold back on their creative passions and visions.

Slutty Vegan ATL

More on Slutty Vegan ATL

Bringing vegan options and food awareness to Atlanta’s West End has always been a life dream of Pinky Cole, CEO and Founder of The Slutty Vegan.

Opening the conversation on vegan food options for people who have never considered them in this community that has such high numbers in hypertension, cholesterol, obesity, and a host of other food-borne ailments, is momentous.

Chef Baker's Place

More on Chef Baker's Place

Mission: To provide consumers, young & old, with out of this world, gourmet cuisines, inspired by multicultural experiences.