The silhouette of two people seen from the back, each wearing headphones and looking at a projected image on a movie screen. / Photo by Catalina Kulczar
32 Sounds
An immersive documentary and profound sensory experience that explores the elemental phenomenon of sound.


Public: $15.00
Student: $5.00
Faculty / Staff: $10.00


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    • Friday, Feb 10, 2023, 8 - 9:30pm

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“…a delightful, joyous film that changes the way you look at — or maybe listen to — the world.” - Vox

32 Sounds is an immersive documentary and profound sensory experience from filmmaker Sam Green that explores the elemental phenomenon of sound.

As you arrive in the theater, you will be given headphones that play an incredible score that features live narration and 3D sound, allowing you to be totally submerged in the film's joyous aural and visual journey. 

We all experience sound differently; hear the call of a solo songbird, the crash of a falling tree, the buzz of a drone – where do those sounds take you, and what do they make you feel? 

You’ll encounter a series of 32 “film poems” about a range of sounds from the static of a record-player needle on an LP to the “River Archive” of avant-garde composer Annea Lockwood. While being immersed in these wildly varying environments, you begin to think about the powerful ways in which sounds are a part of our memories that tie us to a place or emotion.

On February 10, join Sam at the Ferst Center for the Arts to share in this exquisite, unique experience!

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Commissioned by Stanford Live, Stanford University; The Arts Center at NYU Abu Dhabi; Georgia Tech Arts; Green Music Center of Sonoma State University; Arizona Arts Live at University of Arizona; and developed through a creative residency at MASS MoCA, North Adams, Massachusetts.

This project is supported in part by the National Endowment for the Arts.


Ferst Center for the Arts
Sam Green and JD Samson

More on Sam Green and JD Samson

Sam Green received his Master’s Degree in Journalism from the University of California, Berkeley, where he studied documentary with acclaimed filmmaker Marlon Riggs. His most recent projects are “live documentaries” including A Thousand Thoughts with Kronos Quartet (2018) in collaboration with the Kronos Quartet, The Measure of All Things with The Quavers (…