We integrate the arts into the academic and research missions of the Institute.

By cultivating relationships with the colleges, schools, departments, and individual faculty and staff across campus, Georgia Tech Arts connects with the research, education, and scholarship that will play such an important role in all our futures. We aim to bring alive the connection of art, science, and technology both with the scientists engaged in their work, and the audiences who experience it.

Five video monitors on tall black legs arrayed against a green wall

Step the Brain Along a Path video installation in the Ferst Center lobby.

four ballet dancers on a dimly lit stage with an amorphous shape hung above them

Terminus Modern Ballet Theatre performing Step the Brain Along a Path.

Five casually dressed people sit in chairs in a row for a panel discussion

Post-performance talkback with the collaborating partners.

A vibrant example can be found in what Georgia Tech Arts and Terminus Modern Ballet Theatre dubbed the Neuroethics Grand Challenge. Along with acclaimed choreographer Troy Schumacher and internationally revered new media artist Sergio Mora-Diaz, Terminus explored neuroscience and the ethics of intervention with AI and other technologies. The resulting full-length ballet, Step the Brain Along a Path, was created in collaboration with a team of researchers led by Christopher Rozell, professor in the Georgia Tech School of Electrical & Computer Engineering and Karen Rommelfanger, president and founder of the Institute of Neuroethics Think and Do tank. The project then expanded to include a visual arts installation by Atlanta-based Kimberly Binns, who collaborated with Georgia Tech graduate students Abigail Paulson, BMED, Kyle Johnson, BMED, and Tim Min, Music Technology.



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Fri, Jan 13 2023
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Thu, Jan 12 2023
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