Two figures facing the camera but looking downward to the side, the man behind the woman with his arms around her waist. Twisted, gnarled, bare branches are next to them. Behind them is a range of mountains and smoky blue sky and clouds.
Out of the Dust
A dance film that gives voice to the ghosts of Manzanar Detention Camp.


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Tue, Oct 3, 2023 - Thu, Oct 26, 2023

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Event Details

This film is one of three events that comprise Sankei. Learn more on our website.

Free and open to the public in the Ferst Center lobby. October 3 - 26, Tuesday-Saturday, 9 a.m.-6 p.m. Closed October 21.


Out of the Dust is told through ghosts of Manzanar Detention Camp who come to life through the poetry of Janice Mirikitani, the music of Miles Lassi and Paul Chihara, and the Japanese American folk dance “Ei Ja Nai Ka” (lit., “Ain’t it good?”) written by PJ Hirabayashi.  After the closing of the camps, who and what memories were left behind in the windy dust-laden desert of Manzanar?

Out of the Dust is a film dedicated to the memory of our friend and collaborator, Japanese American concentration camp survivor Janice Mirikitani. 


Ferst Center Lobby
NI DO TO (Never Again): Out of the Dust Team

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Out of the Dust is one of three components of the Sankei project, presented by Georgia Tech Arts and created in collaboration with a team of partners led by KAMBARA+. Learn more about the Sankei project.

Co-Created by Yayoi Kambara and Brian Staufenbiel 

Directed by Brian Staufenbiel

Choreography by Yayoi Kambara and…

KAMBARA+ / Yayoi Kambara

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KAMBARA+ was founded in 2015 after Founder Yayoi Kambara's retirement from ODC Dance as a vehicle to produce her choreography, focusing on producing dance performance experiences that cultivate a sense of belonging.

In her choreographic work, Kambara is interested in the authentic voice of the body and its inherent identity in performance. She focuses…