Nrityagram Dance Ensemble


Nrityagram (which means dance village) is located outside Bangalore, India. It was founded in 1990 by Odissi dancer Protima Gauri, who converted ten acres of farmland into a setting for the study, practice and teaching of dance.

A village of artistes dedicated to the practice and nurture of a 2000-year-old art form, Nrityagram is home to a school inspired by the Gurukula, an ancient teaching paradigm, and the dance ensemble.

The Nrityagram Dance Ensemble, is regarded as one of the foremost dance companies of India. Led by Artistic Director Surupa Sen, the company has achieved worldwide critical acclaim performing globally including an annual tour to the United States.

The ensemble is devoted to bringing Odissi - one of the oldest dance styles in the world - to audiences worldwide. Although steeped in and dedicated to ancient practice, the Ensemble is also committed to carrying Indian dance into the twenty-first century. Enabled by grants from Arts Funding organizations, Nrityagram’s dancers not only explore creative expansions of tradition but are also able to commission fresh compositions from leading Indian classical musicians. They research, innovate, create original work, and perform to audiences across the globe. Over two decades, Nrityagram has presented seven full-length ensemble shows Śrī: In Search of the Goddess (2001), Ansh (2005), Sacred Space (2005), Pratimā: Reflection (2008), Śriyaḥ (2010), Saṃhāra (2012) and Āhuti (2019); two full-length duet shows Saṃyoga (2012) and Songs of Love and Longing (2013) and two full-length solo shows Yadunandana (2017) and Vinati (2021). All choreographed by Surupa Sen.