NI DO TO (Never Again) Team

NI DO TO is one of three components of the Sankei project, presented by Georgia Tech Arts and created in collaboration with a team of partners led by KAMBARA+. Learn more about the Sankei project.


Lead Artist
Yayoi Kambara

Courtney Ozaki and Japanese Arts Network
Onur Topal-Sümer

John Crawford, Courtney Ozaki, Jerushia Graham, Milka Trajkova, Kris Pilcher, Shirley Su, Onur Topal-Sümer, Max Woo, and Ida Yoshinaga.

Commissioned by Georgia Tech Arts 

Supported by the National Endowment for the Arts, Georgia Tech Arts, Fulton County Public Art Futures Lab, the George and Sakaye Aratani Community Advancement Research Endowment, and KAMBARA+

Campus Connection
Georgia Tech Arts Partner