Mehwish Wasi

Mehwish Wasi is an Atlanta-bred and -based contemporary abstract artist. A graduate of Georgia Tech with a degree in Business Administration and a software consultant by trade, Mehwish finds art to be the creative outlet her brain craves.

She finds the greatest joy creating abstract art because of the ability to experiment, to give up control, and to allow intuition guide creation of a piece of art. Her art strives to represent fluidity and freedom by working with repetitive flows and the relationship of colors when used with multiple mediums. Her most common pieces include mixed media works with acrylics, inks, spray paint, gold leaf, and resin. As a local Atlantan, Mehwish wanted her art to have a greater impact in helping her community - she currently volunteers and partners with the Atlanta Community Food Bank and donates 5% of all proceeds of her art to help local Georgians fight food insecurity.

Aside from work and painting, you can find her shopping, running by the Chattahoochee, and chasing down fluffy cats.

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BA / 2016
Business Administration