Full Radius Dance

Full Radius Dance seeks to define the boundaries of dance by bringing together disabled and non-disabled dancers through performance, education, and advocacy.

Full Radius Dance maintains a highly rigorous and active performance schedule in the Greater Atlanta area, as well as regionally, nationally, and internationally. Locally, the company presents an annual repertory concert and produces the annual Modern Atlanta Dance (MAD) Festival.

IMAGE DESCRIPTION (Left): Julianna, a white dancer in her mid-20s with pale skin and long, brown, curly hair and hazel eyes, kneels with her left leg in Peter's lap and her right knee hooked over Peter's right shoulder. She's wearing a long sleeved navy blue shirt and black leggings. Peter is a mixed race male (Asian, Caucasian) in his 30s with medium length dark hair, scruffy beard and using a manual chair. He's wearing a short sleeved red shirt and black pants. His left arm is wrapped around Julianna's waist; his right hand rests on the wheel of his chair. He gazes up at Julianna. Julianna is reaching her right arm up towards the sky with her head dropped back, hair trailing down her back.

IMAGE DESCRIPTION (Right): (From left to right) Ashlee Jo Ramsey-Borunov, Peter L. Trojic in his wheelchair and Courtney Michelle McClendon of Full Radius Dance are in a posed studio portrait. Ramsey-Borunov and McClendon hold onto Trojic’s hands as he executes a front tilt with his footplate touching the floor and his wheels off the floor. Trojic and McClendon are both clad in cherry-red shirts — three-quarter length sleeves and sleeveless, respectively — and black leggings. Ramsey-Borunov has a deep blue shirt with three-quarter length sleeves paired with black leggings.

Photo Credit: Bubba Carr

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