Raise Your Hand
Artist: Electric Artrium Vertically Integrated Project
Year: 2022
Materials: Mixed media and electronics

Raise Your Hand is an interactive virtual forest environment. Created in part by Electronic ARTrium, a Vertically Integrated Project at Georgia Tech, Raise Your Hand was created by students and faculty from the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, the School of Music, the School of Industrial Design, and the Georgia Tech Research Institute.

Visitors to Raise Your Hand  enter a digital forest in which their motions have direct consequences on the auditory, visual, and physical nature of the space via original music, mechatronic flora and fauna, and video projections. The experience of Raise Your Hand depends upon individual exploration, and the participants are invited to move freely across three side-by-side sections of the exhibit. 

The work was installed in the Westbrook Gallery at the Ferst Center for the Arts from November 1-14, 2022.