Create Your Way
Artist: Georgia Tech community collaboration led by ARTiculate ATLanta
Year: 2022
Materials: Paint on wood

In April 2022, as part of the Arts Plaza Pop-Up series, Georgia Tech Arts commissioned ARTiculate ATLanta to bring together local artists with the Georgia Tech student body to create a dynamic mural, Create Your Way, that showcases how the Georgia Tech community plugs into their creativity. The professional artists created the outline, after which students were encouraged to drop by and fill in the colors.

ARTiculate ATL explains the work:

"In a triptych of panels, Create Your Way tells a story of imagination becoming reality through the powers of creativity. As the young man on the right paints upon the canvas his visions begin to come alive in various artistic disciplines. In this piece, an electrifying color palette is incorporated to symbolize the diversity of the student body and the elements of light that are within us. As the colors harmoniously unite, they begin to flow as one in a common journey of life as creative beings. Through the use of varied line-weights and color choices, various details will begin to dance from the foreground to background across the panels. Where the story begins and ends is up to the viewers’ eyes and thoughts, but it is our intention to inspire as well as ignite the student body."

The three panels of Create Your Way hang in the Westbrook Gallery at the Ferst Center for the Arts.