Artist: fuse*
Year: 2021
Materials: Visible components: Steel truss, LED panels, monitors

AMYGDALA is an audiovisual installation capable of representing the collective emotional state of the Internet and its changes on the basis of events that take place around the world. Using sentiment analysis algorithms, AMYGDALA pulls information from social media in real time and translates the data into stunning light displays. The aim is to make visible the flow of data and information that are constantly being created by users, allowing participants to reflect on the opportunities and dangers of the digital revolution that we are currently going through.  AMYGDALA was produced by CUBO Unipol and premiered at FLUX US exhibition, and was seen in 2019 at ARTECHOUSE in Washington, DC.

AMYGDALA was been installed from April 5-29, 2021 on the Arts Plaza at the front doors of the Ferst Center for the Arts. The outdoor component was on view 24/7; the indoor component, in lobby of the Ferst Center, was accessible from 8 a.m.-10 p.m. on all days.

Outdoor photos with no patrons (c) Matt Wharton Artechhouse; all others (c) Georgia Tech Arts.