Terminus Modern Ballet Theatre Excerpts from "Step the Brain Along a Path" (video)


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Terminus Modern Ballet Theatre was founded in 2017 by five principal dance artists, who struck out to create their own unique vision of dance. By bringing together the classical and contemporary dance forms and strengths of each of its principal artists, the company has become celebrated for the creation of daring and theatrical dance works. Through performance and contemporary storytelling, the company intends to expand conventional definitions of ballet and serve as a cultural terminus for the greater arts community.

Photo Credits

Primary image: TMBT in Horizons photo credit Joseph Guay. Secondary images, top row l-r: TMBT in Marley Was Dead to Begin With photo credit Christina Massad and TMBT in Retrograde Waltz photo credit Christina Massad; secondary images, bottom row l-r: TMBT in Roam photo credit Christina Massad and TMBT in Everything is Waiting photo credit Christina Massad.