Because of You
Artist: Josh Garber
Year: 2018
Materials: Stainless steel screws and hex nuts
Dimensions: 100" H x 72" D x 70" W

Like the other two pieces, Aceso and Iaso, Because of You is based on the white blood cell, the macrophage, and it is installed at the Engineering Biosystems Building. The biomedical research at the EBB aims to cure implacable diseases through either modifying or engineering certain cells that could protect us. Because of You is a celebration of this special work.

The title Because of You inspires a more romantic view of our biology. The artist's hope is that Because of You research will lead to cell structure that is “engineered“ to be strong, proud, and defiant in the face of catastrophic threats.

Installed with Poly (Julian Voss-Andreae) and Without Within (Robert Winkler) as part of Art at the Engineering Biosystems Building.