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A-Town Showdown
A-Town Showdown (ATS), is a South Asian dance competition hosted by Georgia Tech students for the past 10+ years. The large competition features 16 Bollywood-Fusion and Garba-Raas dance teams from different colleges nationwide celebrating our culture!


Range: $21.00 - $30.00


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    • Saturday, Mar 2, 2024, 5 - 10pm

Event Details

As a premier multi-style competition in the nation, our annual intercollegiate competition showcases a total of 16 team teams - 8 Garba-Raas and 8 Bollywood-Fusion teams, each competing in their respective categories. ATS 2024 is proud to be a bid competition for Raas All-Stars 2024 and for Legends 2024!


Ferst Center for the Arts
A-Town Showdown

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We strive to showcase the finest Bollywood-Fusion and Garba-Raas talent, diffusion of culture through dance, and promoting inclusivity while furthering our legacy of southern hospitality.