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Strive for Open Science: A Data Visualization Competition
A month-long competition for Georgia Tech students.



Mon, Mar 27, 2023 - Fri, Apr 21, 2023

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Event Details

Science Gallery Atlanta at Emory University, in partnership with Georgia Tech Arts and Komansé Dance Theater, is excited to announce: Strive for Open Science – A Data Visualization Competition.

Georgia Tech students will have a month to take a given dataset and translate it into engaging, accessible, and legible data visualizations, with the winner getting the opportunity to present their work at a Science Gallery Atlanta public program (program details to be created in conjunction with the winner)!

No prior experience with data? No worries! This competition is suitable as an entry into data visualizations. Already a data expert? We encourage you to stretch your skillset and your understanding of what data can be. What can you create when you let your imagination lead?

Key Dates:
Competition Opens & Dataset Announced – Monday, March 27
Creating Accessible Data Visualizations Workshop – Wednesday, April 5, 11 a.m. - 1 p.m.
Competition Close – Monday, April 17
Winner Announced – Monday, April 24

View the Creating Accessible Data Visualizations workshop presentation (requires Adobe Reader)


The Dataset

Data conveys tremendous meaning. Hidden within the rows and rows of unintelligible statistics lay real people with real experiences. However, the monotony of spreadsheets can’t convey the emotional significance of what the data represents. Although traditional graphs do a more effective job at synthesizing the sea of information, they serve as a stoic outsider to the originating context and communities that the data represents. How can we pack more meaning into the ways in which we visualize data?

Georgia Tech students are tasked with taking a familiar public data set and creating accessible, creative, informative, and emotionally impactful data visualizations.

The dataset is COVID-19 Case Surveillance Data with Geography

This case surveillance public use dataset has 19 elements for all COVID-19 cases shared with CDC and includes demographics, geography (county and state of residence), any exposure history, disease severity indicators and outcomes, and presence of any underlying medical conditions and risk behaviors.


Register for the Strive for Open Science Competition.

Use the provided dataset to create an original data visualization that emphasizes accessibility, creativity, emotional impact, and information content.

Submit your data visualization before the competition closes on Monday, April 17th.


Chosen finalists, selected by an expert panel of judges, will present their visualizations as a part of the Tech Arts Festival set design. At the block party the community will vote on which submission takes first-place, with the winner getting the opportunity to present their work at a Science Gallery Atlanta public program (program details to be created in conjunction with the winner)!

Judging Criteria

Accessibility (Based on the W3C Standards). Legibility. Informative Content. Creativity. Emotional Impact.


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Web Content Accessibility Checklist (TOOL)

Testing for Accessible Data Visualization (TOOL)

Accessible Data Visualization Resources

Resources to Learn More About Digital Accessibility

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