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Creating Accessible Data Visualizations Workshop
Georgia Tech students learn more about "Strive for Open Science: A Data Visualization Competition"



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    • Wednesday, Apr 5, 2023, 11am - 1pm

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Strive for Open Science: A Data Visualization Competition is a collaboration with Science Gallery Atlanta and Komansé Dance Theater that is open only to Georgia Tech students.

This hackathon-esque competition will task students with creating accessible, creative, and information data visualization. Finalists will present their work for public voting during the Tech Arts Festival, and the winner will have their work exhibited at a Science Gallery Atlanta public program. Learn more about the competition.

Don’t know if the Strive for Open Science Competition is right for you? Come to this Creating Accessible Data Visualizations workshop to learn more.

View the Creating Accessible Data Visualizations workshop presentation (requires Adobe Reader)


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