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Creative Meditation with Yayoi Kambara
Fold, snack, and move with choreographer Yayoi Kambara.



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    • Thursday, Apr 20, 2023, 11am - 1pm

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Please join us for crafting and snacking, including folding origami for an upcoming show!

二度と(NI DO TO): an XR pilgrimage is a transformative exhibit, premiering in September 2023 at the Ferst Center, that implores audiences to explore the narrative of Japanese American World War II incarceration and the resilience of Japanese American artists and leaders.

You can help create the origami art that will be displayed along with the interactive and reflective activities that examine how to act in current/future solidarities with communities facing the violence of xenophobic policies. Spend time with dance-maker Yayoi Kambara, Artistic Director of Kambara+, as she thoughtfully guides you in this creative, active meditation.

二度と is co-commissioned by Georgia Tech and the San Jose Japanese American Museum with support from the National Endowment for the Arts. It will be installed in tandem with the Atlanta performances of IKKAI means once: a transplanted pilgrimage, an evening length immersive dance project. IKKAI weaves together modern dance, Japanese American (JA) obon folk dance (Bon-odori), and a musical score with taiko drums, guiding audiences through a first-person narrative exploring the unjust incarceration of JAs, struggles for reparations and healing, and current/future solidarities with communities facing the violence of xenophobic policies. More information about 二度と, IKKAI, and Kambara+ will be shared in the summer of 2023.


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KAMBARA+ / Yayoi Kambara

More on KAMBARA+ / Yayoi Kambara

KAMBARA+ was founded in 2015 after Founder Yayoi Kambara's retirement from ODC Dance as a vehicle to produce her choreography, focusing on producing dance performance experiences that cultivate a sense of belonging.

In her choreographic work, Kambara is interested in the authentic voice of the body and its inherent identity in performance. She focuses…