Georgia Tech Arts, in the Division of Arts, Belonging, and Community, within Student Engagement and Well-Being, serves the campus community by supporting students in the development of their own creative practices, and by facilitating connections with exceptional artists from around the world, and . We envision an arts-infused campus that supports the active collaboration of art, science, and technology while providing students the creative tools, experiences, and inspiration to improve the human condition. Through a blend of performances, exhibitions, installations, residencies, and support for student and faculty creative development, Georgia Tech Arts places art at the epicenter of supporting the Strategic Objectives of the entire Institute.

Explore this website to learn about the events onstage at the Ferst Center, the recent projects and performances offered by Georgia Tech Arts, the many options for enjoying the Visual Arts on campus, the myriad of opportunities for artist engagement and student creativity, and much more. Sign up for our mailing list and follow us on Facebook and Instagram @gatecharts to keep up to date with our activities!

Learn more about Georgia Tech Arts' four areas of impact below.

Amplify Impact

We amplify the impact of arts and creativity at Georgia Tech.

Build Community

We build community within the campus and in the public sphere.

Support Well-Being

We support student well-being through opportunities for expression and artistic experiences.

Academic Integration

We integrate the arts into the academic and research missions of the Institute.