A pastoral scene of rolling hills, a lake, and a winding road are indicated with soft, round shapes in varying shades of pale greens. In the center of the image are the words TRAVELING WHILE BLACK. Hovering above these word is a simple drawing of a car, seen from the back. The driver has their hands in the air; a police officer stands outside, arms extended, at the driver’s door.

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Student Study Breaks

Creative, fun, and relaxing study breaks just for students!

Students Get Creative

From student-run theatre productions to GT Salsa Club, there are a variety of ways to express your creative side.

When Art Meets Tech

At the intersection of art and technology, Georgia Tech is home to both modern and interactive art courses and activities. 

Visual Art

Georgia Tech is home to several larger-than-life pieces of art. From Einstein to Engineered Art, there's plenty to see on campus.

Arts News

Calligrapher Anne Elser provides a demonstration of how to create beautiful calligraphy.

The museum has reopened to the public.

Spelman College has named alumna Ayoka Chenzira, Ph.D. '14, professor and division chair for the arts. Chenzira is an award-...

Georgia Tech students and faculty in the Master of Science in Global Media and Cultures program founded a new, speculative...


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