• the image of a pair of hands in profile, fingers touching to create the shape of a heart in the center. The words "Campaign to Connect" are in the heart. A word cloud including Hope, Music, Dance, Art, Joy, and Support are on the hands. Below the hands is the text "Creative opportunities connecting students, faculty, and staff. January 10 - February 15, 2022.
  • A man sits at a black grand piano, his head tilted back, a spotlight illuminating him in a circle of light. Behind him is an image of an empty road stretching off to a sunset horizon. Superimposed are the words "Gabriel Kahane Magnificent Bird April 4, 2022 arts.gatech.edu"

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Student Study Breaks

Creative, fun, and relaxing study breaks just for students!

Students Get Creative

From student-run theatre productions to GT Salsa Club, there are a variety of ways to express your creative side.

When Art Meets Tech

At the intersection of art and technology, Georgia Tech is home to both modern and interactive art courses and activities. 

Visual Art

Georgia Tech is home to several larger-than-life pieces of art. From Einstein to Engineered Art, there's plenty to see on campus.