• Image of Eight dancers, casually dressed in warm-up clothes, are in a loose group facing the camera their arms outstretched and their legs bent, seeming to stamp their way forward. They are illuminated by a circular spotlight that sets them off from the dark background and pale floor.GT Arts Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Company WHAT PROBLEM? January 29, 2022 arts.gatech.edu
  • A man sits at a black grand piano, his head tilted back, a spotlight illuminating him in a circle of light. Behind him is an image of an empty road stretching off to a sunset horizon. Words float on a background of a sunset Gabriel Kahane MAGNIFICENT BIRD FEBRUARY 5, 2022 arts.gatech.edu

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Student Study Breaks

Creative, fun, and relaxing study breaks just for students!

Students Get Creative

From student-run theatre productions to GT Salsa Club, there are a variety of ways to express your creative side.

When Art Meets Tech

At the intersection of art and technology, Georgia Tech is home to both modern and interactive art courses and activities. 

Visual Art

Georgia Tech is home to several larger-than-life pieces of art. From Einstein to Engineered Art, there's plenty to see on campus.


  • Nov 29

    GT Glee Club Concert

    The Georgia Tech Glee Club presents their fall concert.

  • Dec 2

    A Night with the GT Jazz Combos

    The Georgia Tech Jazz Combos present their Fall 2021 concert.

  • Jan 29

    What Problem?

    Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Company’s latest work What Problem? provokes the tension between belonging to a community and feelings of isolation that many feel during these divisive political times.

  • Feb 5

    Magnificent Bird

    A chronicle, in story and song, of a year off the internet.