The Georgia Tech Arts Advisory Board, comprised of alumni, artists, and community leaders, promotes the arts in all its forms at Georgia Tech. Board members engage in strategic conversations regarding arts culture and policies on campus; they champion programs that increase exposure to and practice of the arts within the Georgia Tech community; and they advocate on behalf of the arts as points of engagement and collaboration among students, faculty, administration, community members, and professional artists to enhance the educational experience. The Board promotes arts-relevant research developed at Georgia Tech to the local, national, and international communities.

Arts Advisory Board Members:

  • Steve W. Chaddick, Mentor Capitalist, Ridgewood Advisors, LLC (EE 1974; MS EE 1982)
  • Maria Bailey-Benson, Entrepreneur (IE 1992; MSIE 1994)
  • Jim Barksdale, President and CIO, Equity Investment Corp.
  • Jerome M. Cooper, FAIA, Chairman, Cooper Carry, Inc. (ARCH 1952)
  • Ann Cramer
  • H. Allen Ecker, Ph.D., Executive Vice President (Retired), Scientific-Atlanta, Inc. (EE 1957; MS EE 1958)
  • Biviana Franco, Founder, Feel Beautiful Today
  • George A. Garcia, Real Estate Investor
  • Marion B. Glover, Jr., President, Glover Capital, Inc. (IM 1965)
  • Fiona Grandowski
  • Margaret Guthman (HON 2012)
  • Benjamin R. Jordan, Ph.D., Director of Supplier Sustainability, The Coca-Cola Company (PhD PUBP 2012)
  • George W. Levert, Founding Partner (Retired), Kinetic Ventures, LLC (MS IMGT 1974)
  • H. Bruce McEver, Chairman, Berkshire Capital Securities, LLC (IE 1966)
  • Russell M. Medford, MD, PhD, Chairman, Salutria Pharmaceuticals, LLC
  • Susan Nash, VP, Field Operations, VMware, Inc., and H. Ronald Nash, Jr., CEO, Pivot3 (IE 1970)
  • Gail O’Neill
  • Judith E. Starkey, Founder and CEO (Retired), Chamberlin Edmonds and Associates
  • Mickey Steinberg, Director, Intensivist Program, Game Stop, Inc. (ARCH 1954)
  • Carolina Stubbe, Founder and President, arte FITS FOUNDATION and Federico M. Stubbe, Chairman, PRISA Group, Inc. (CE 1970)
  • Charles E. Taylor, Chief Executive Officer, HT Group, LLC
  • Anne L. Tracht
  • Alfredo Trujillo, President, Georgia Tech Foundation, Inc. (AE 1981)
  • Thomas W. Ventulett, III, FAIA, Chairman Emeritus, Thompson Ventulett Stainback & Associates, Inc. (ARCH 1957)
  • Howard S. Wertheimer, FAIA, LEED AP, AUA

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