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Donations help subsidize student use of the Ferst Center

Thousands of Georgia Tech students are involved in music, dance, spoken word, theater, and film production every year, but space to rehearse and perform on campus is hard to find and expensive to rent. Rehearsals, performances, meetings, and shows need many hands to run the Ferst and Dull Theaters. The costs associated with paying staff to manage and maintain facilities are typically charged to groups who use the space. Georgia Tech Arts is committed to supporting student arts groups and we need YOUR HELP to subsidize the costs of using facilities for students so that these performance spaces become the best choice on campus.


Donations help Georgia Tech Arts bring groundbreaking SEAD artists to Georgia Tech to celebrate the intersection of Science and Engineering with Art and Design (SEAD)

Georgia Tech Arts has a high demand on campus for visiting and resident artists to connect with students in the classroom.  While some of these artists perform on campus, ticket sales do not cover their costs.  Donors like you are instrumental in presenting artists on stage and connecting artists to faculty members and students at Georgia Tech.