Ladies of Hip Hop

Ladies of Hip Hop (LOHH)is an organization that is dedicated to empowering girls and women in Hip-Hop culture. LOHH provides girls and women with a platform to be heard, seen, respected, and celebrated in the world of Hip-Hop. By providing resources and opportunities such as dance training, performance opportunities, mentorships, educational programs, career development support, and networking opportunities, we are building the next generation of hip-hop's changemakers. We recognize Hip-Hop’s culture as one of resiliency and history. A culture worth preserving and archiving.LOHH serves as a living archive of Hip-Hop through the female lens. Centering girls and women, LOHH ensures that girls and women have an active role in defining the future of Hip-Hop culture.


Since 2004, Ladies of Hip-Hop has been a driving force in the empowerment of girls & women in Hip-Hop. Beginning as a training ground for female Hip-Hop dancers, LOHH quickly grew from one day of dance workshops to a week-long international festival including female DJs, Mcees, graffiti & visual artists from around the world. LOHH has built an international tribe of girls and women supporting each other.