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Georgia Tech Arts is proud to announce a partnership with the arte_FITS Foundation through a two-year, $100,000 private gift from Friedel & Carolina Stubbe. The partnership, known as arte_FITS x GT Arts, features two interconnected components: the arte_FITS Fellows program and the arte_FITS Ephemeral Art Fund. Both components will have a transformative impact on both Georgia Tech students and the work of artists in Puerto Rico and beyond.

The first component of the project is the Fellows program. This program will provide two to three Georgia Tech students each year with the opportunity to discover how their skills and academic training intersect with the work of artists. 

The Georgia Tech Fellows will travel to Dorado, PR, to work closely with a selected local artist. This work can take place anywhere along the creative process. In some years the students may contribute to the design or fabrication of a planned artwork, collaborating with the artist in a studio to explore challenges in engineering, design, computing, audio technology, material science or other fields. In other years students will be on the ground for installation of a work: learning how skills in design, civil engineering, material science, electrical engineering or other fields intersect with the complex task of installing a work of art. Areas of study could also include manufacturing, aerospace engineering, and computer science.

Aaron Shackelford, director of Georgia Tech Arts, reflected on the impact of the program:

“The arte_FITS x GT Arts program will transform the perspective of participating students, allowing them to see first-hand how their academic training intersects with creative practices in contemporary art. These students will also have a deep appreciation for Puerto Rico’s contribution to the global arts world and develop meaningful connections with people across the island.”

The second component of the program is the arte_FITS  Ephemeral Art Fund that will enable a new artwork to be installed on the campus of Georgia Tech - taking its place on Georgia Tech’s campus alongside installations by renowned artists such as Robert Berks, John Portman, Dale Chihuly, and Patrick Dougherty. A new work will be installed every 2-3 years, depending on the size and scale of each project.

The selected artist will have previously served in the program, establishing a connection with Georgia Tech students. Additional collaborative opportunities with Georgia Tech students and faculty will be available during a site visit to Atlanta as well as virtually during design and planning for the work. The Fellows who previously worked with the artist will serve as ambassadors for the project, connecting with faculty and students to build awareness and interest in the project.

Georgia Tech Arts helps to advance the Institute’s strategic focus on Cultivate Well-Being. “An opportunity to engage in art and other creative activities are critical components that contribute to emotional, intellectual, and spiritual wellness – all of which ultimately enhance well-being,” observed Luoluo Hong, vice president for student engagement and well-being.

The arte_FITS x GT Arts program will begin the selection process in December 2022 with the first student residency in Puerto Rico planned for the spring of 2023. Learn about the spring 2023 project launch on the Georgia Tech Arts website.

About Georgia Tech Arts:  

A department within the Division of Student Engagement and Well-Being, Georgia Tech Arts envisions an arts-infused campus that supports the active collaboration of art, science, and technology while providing students the creative tools, experiences, and inspiration to improve the human condition. Through a blend of performances, exhibitions, installations, residencies, and support for student and faculty creative development, Georgia Tech Arts places art at the epicenter of supporting the Strategic Objectives of the entire Institute. Visit and follow @gatecharts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 

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