Georgia Tech Arts Series

2020 - 2021

Meet the 2020-2021 Series Artists

The artists of the 2020-2021 Georgia Tech Arts Series are all profoundly talented, curious, and creative people who will inspire you through their work and deep engagement with our campus and public communities. Throughout the season, we will strive to create deeper and more meaningful connections between artists and our audience that can take place from the comfort of home and across the globe. Facilitating these types of conversations is central to our mission, as is continuing to integrate the work of these artists into the classroom discussions and research taking place across Georgia Tech. Take a moment to get to know the artists who will be guiding us in 2020 and 2021, whether in-person or from their own homes and studios.

While Georgia Tech Arts is proceeding with planning for in-person events to begin as scheduled, we will follow the lead of the Institute, the University System of Georgia, the city of Atlanta, the state of Georgia and public health experts to determine when it is safe and appropriate to resume public gatherings. Keep in touch with us as we continue to unveil fun opportunities to get to know each of these artists and experience their creativity.

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Stay tuned for exciting details about more spring 2021 activities and the new Georgia Tech Arts Skyline Series!


Georgia Tech School of Music

Georgia Tech Arts will partner with Georgia Tech's School of Music in presenting the 23rd annual Guthman Musical Instrument Competition. This one-of-kind event is dedicated to identifying the newest and greatest ideas in music. Musical inventors from around the world will share their creations and ideas about the future of music. The competition was founded by Richard Guthman (IE 1956), who wanted to find a way to honor his wife, Margaret, while supporting music at Georgia Tech.

This year, the event moved online; visit the finalists’ gallery, featuring videos from each of the 29 artists, from 15 countries, who moved through the competition. A panel of four judges will select the winners, who will be announced in March 2021. The judges include guitarist Kaki King, who partnered with Georgia Tech Arts on the live stream of the world premiere of her new album, Modern Yesterdays; DJ Spooky, composer, multimedia artist, and writer; Dave Smith, engineer, musician, and founder of Sequential; and Jayson Dobney, Frederick P. Rose Curator in Charge in the Department of Musical Instruments at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The Atlanta Science Festival and Georgia Tech's School of Music have partnered to bring you together with the finalists with an interactive virtual event on March 13, 2021, the Guthman Musical Instrument Fair. You'll learn about innovative new musical instruments pushing the limits of art, technology, and design, you’ll be able to speak directly with their creators to learn more about their work, and you’ll hear from our judges about this year's winners.

Guthman Musical Instrument Competition
Concert & Exhibitions
March 2021



fuse*, an Italian studio and production company exploring the expressive potential offered by the creative use of emerging digital technologies, returns after last season's popular presentation of Dökk. AMYGDALA is an art installation that builds upon the themes of Dökk by using fuse*'s proprietary algorithms to pull information from social media in real time and translate the data into stunning light displays.

April 5 – 30, 2021
Plaza in front of the Ferst Center for the Arts
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Kaki King

The performance of DATA NOT FOUND has been postponed with plans to present it as part of the Georgia Tech Arts 2021-2022 Series.


Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Company

The performance of What Problem? has been postponed with plans to present it as part of the Georgia Tech Arts 2021-2022 Series.




Fearless Collective and Shilo Shiv Suleman

South Asian-based public art project Fearless Collective reclaims self-representation and transforms public spaces through immersive workshops and public art interventions, with women and misrepresented communities across the world. As part of a year-long engagement with Georgia Tech Arts, Fearless' founder Shilo Shiv Suleman will lead workshops and explorations in January 2021, inspired by this unprecedented moment in time. Using the “Fearless Futures” method developed by Fearless in collaboration with AWID, Suleman will guide our community in a process that helps us move beyond critical thinking and into a space of imagination and creative solutions for future worlds free from fear. Together, we intend to create new shared realities by reimagining: Earth & Resources, and Health, Care, & Healing. The workshops are creative incubations, dream tanks of sorts, which are intended to lead to ideas that can be manifested in the present. This process will culminate in a community-inspired project in spring 2021.

Workshops & Installations
Winter & Spring 2021
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Gabriel Kahane

A singer-songwriter, pianist, and composer, Gabriel Kahane is a distinct and penetrating voice in an array of cultural spaces. He will visit Georgia Tech in the fall and the spring to lead workshops and conversations around questions relating to technology and the rights we give up, explicitly or not, for convenience. His time on campus will inform his work and a performance at the Ferst Center for the Arts in a future series.

Residency: The Right to be Forgotten
Fall 2020 & Spring 2021


Image: AMYGDALA. Photo courtesy of fuse*.

*All artists, events, and programming subject to change.

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