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"Asherie and her company are a sight anywhere they perform." -The Boston Globe


Range: $10.00 - $25.00


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    • Friday, Jan 26, 2024, 8 - 9:30pm

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Created and performed by members of the company with special guest artists from New York City’s underground scene, Asherie’s newest work is inspired by the intergenerational memories of club dancers. Ephrat Asherie Dance invites audiences to join them on an exhilarating journey through the ever-changing physical landscape of New York City’s underground dance community.

Before the performance at 7 p.m., join a panel of Atlanta’s finest dancers for a discussion about the city’s vibrant underground dance and music scene! The panel will be moderated by Deborah Conton; panelists include Frankie Freeman, Honey Rockwell, Orko, Brian Scarlett, and Rodney Williams. (Pre-show panel is included with your UNDERSCORED ticket purchase) 

The show runs 70 minutes without an intermission.


Ferst Center for the Arts


Ephrat Asherie Dance

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Ephrat Asherie Dance (EAD) is a dance company rooted in African American and Latinx street and club dances. Dedicated to exploring the inherent complexities of these dances, EAD investigates the expansive narrative qualities of various vernacular forms including breaking, hiphop, house and vogue, as a means to tell stories, develop innovative imagery, and find new modes of expression. EAD’s…