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Safar: ICGT Holi Show 2024
Safar: Holi Show 2024 is India Club at Georgia's annual intercollegiate exhibition showcasing various art Indian art forms from Bollywood Fusion to Bhangra to acapella.


Range: $11.00 - $21.00


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    • Saturday, Apr 6, 2024, 5 - 6pm

Event Details

Holi Show is the sole non-competitive co-ed intercollegiate Indian singing and dance showcase in the city, and also the extended metro Atlanta area. Its focus on celebrating Indian and South Asian culture through vibrant performances provides a unique, enchanting experience and is ICGT’s flagship event, impacting thousands of students annually. This welcoming atmosphere creates a sense of celebratory lightheartedness to the event, especially attracting first-time attendees, making it the first cultural showcase that many students ever attended. Holi Show thus becomes a representative of all such Indian performance shows and is a gateway to much greater cultural engagement for students.


Ferst Center for the Arts
India Club at Georgia Tech

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