Creative Curricular Initiatives

Creative Curricular Initiatives: Tech students in Patrick Ellis' LMC1102 course, which incorporates the study of zoetropes and optical toys. 


The Georgia Tech Office of the Arts and the Georgia Tech Arts Council announce funding for 14 faculty and student projects in the Creative Curricular Initiatives (CCI) program.

Now in its second year, CCI projects discover and share the connections between art and academics.  “Across the wide spectrum of CCI projects, we find that although they are different in content, the processes of innovation, design, and creativity are shared between the arts and Georgia Tech’s core academic disciplines,” states Madison Cario, Director of the Office of the Arts. 

Creative Curricular Initiatives is dedicated to the idea that nurturing students' artistic sensibilities and exposing students to artistic process is essential to developing creativity and innovation.  In the past year, projects have spanned classrooms, research labs, and studios, and resulted in real and virtual exhibitions, a film festival, musical recordings, Capstone projects, radio podcasts, and more.

The Fall 2018 projects were selected from among 29 proposals and include:

  • ARCH 4508: Shape Grammars, Athanassios Economou - Students explore fundamentals of spatial and visual composition through a new mediated environment and software, Shape Machine, developed at the Shape Computation Lab at the School of Architecture.
  • ARCH 8866: Structural Folds, Daniel Baerlecken - Structural Folds explores concepts of folding as a form-generator for structural and architectural systems that allow the ability to respond to diverse social and climatic time-based scenarios. The project will research the embedded kinetic possibilities of folded structures.
  • ECE 4011: Off the Grid, Thomas Collins – Students will install projects fusing art and technology in a ceiling grid designed as a gallery space located in the Digital Design Laboratory. Projects may make sound, create visual effects, or invite user interaction.
  • LMC 4602: Performance Practicum, “The Safety Show,” Melissa Foulger - A Devised Theatre piece created by Georgia Tech students will explore how we are looking for moments of safety in an age of divisiveness, and will use cards collected from students as part of the Georgia Tech Office of the Arts’ I Feel Safe When campaign.
  • MUSI 3611 and MUSI 3771: Seven Bridges of Königsberg – Science, Music, and Movement Project, Chaowen Ting – The School of Music and School of Mathematics collaborate to present a live performance around the campus installation of the model of the Seven Bridges of Königsberg. Georgia Tech Symphony Orchestra musicians will perform a new composition by composer Marshall Coats, written in response to the mathematic theory involved in the Seven Bridges, with dancers demonstrating the graph theory as choreographed by artist Kristel Tedesco.
  • Independent Study & PhD Doctoral Coursework: Mixed Media Instrument Collaboration, Brian Magerko - Students across Digital Media, Music Technology, Computational Media, and Industrial Design will collaborate with local artists on the creation of new mixed media musical instruments.  The project will combine questions of design, computational music, and media theory with material practice and performance.
  • Leucine Zipper and the Zinc Fingers Music Video Production, Jennifer Leavey – Georgia Tech students and faculty will work with a filmmaker to produce a music video for a song about science. The video will be used as a template for student video projects in upcoming courses.
  • Electronic Artrium, Mary Ann Weitnauer - Programming integrating arts, crafts, and electronics will be featured in the new ECE Maker Space, opening in early Fall 2018, including a jewelry-making workshop for alumni and students.
  • Fast Film Fest (F3), Jerushia Graham – The Robert C. Williams Museum of Papermaking and Georgia Tech Libraries will host a film festival featuring Paper Animation using origami or cut-out animation techniques. The event will include a free campus stop-motion film competition.
  • Papermaking Collaboration, Art Matters -  Art Matters, a student collective that advocates, connects students, and organizes programming for art at Georgia Tech, will host a student event with the Robert C. Williams Museum of Papermaking designed to introduce students to the work of the museum.
  • Pass The Aux, Art Matters - Art Matters, a student collective that advocates, connects students, and organizes programming for art at Georgia Tech, will hold a monthly showcase to connect and expand the music production community at Georgia Tech, which will feature a music production boot camp and lecture series with established music creators.  
  • Skid, Raianna Brown – Skid, a dance piece presented by Georgia Tech student Raianna Brown and Komansé Dance Theater in the Arts@Tech Series, will feature 3D-printed costuming in both the performance and a fashion show event.  Skid takes a provocative look at homelessness in the metro Atlanta area and beyond.
  • Exploring the Science of Art in Glassmaking, Materials Innovation and Learning Laboratory Science of Art Team- A one-day workshop where students will learn about the thermodynamics and kinetics behind glass fusing while making their own piece of fused glass art.
  • Historical View of AI, Edwardo Martinez - This historical view of artificial intelligence (AI) will be presented as both a website and an exhibit, and will use an interactive timeline and a physical exhibit to demonstrate the reality of AI versus what has been presented in science fiction.

The Strategic Plan Advisory Group provided the initial support for Creative Curricular Initiatives.

For more information on the program please contact Es Famojure in the Office of the Arts at