Write A Letter to Gabriel Kahane Now Through July 31

July 31, 2020

This project will continue through July, 2020.

Connect with Singer-Songwriter Gabriel Kahane

You are invited to join Georgia Tech Arts in creating meaningful, virtual connections with the artists who are partnering with us for the coming year of creative explorations.

Below is a letter (digitized to share) from American composer and singer-songwriter Gabriel Kahane to Aaron Shackelford, director of Georgia Tech Arts. Simply put, Gabriel has some questions for you. Here’s just a taste of the concepts he's exploring:

• I've been thinking a lot about technology. How it can be at once dazzling and destructive. I wonder: do you ever feel imprisoned by having too many choices?

• Can an algorithm be neutral? Can the people who write algorithms be neutral? Should they be neutral?

Will you write back to Gabriel?

Gabriel’s creative process begins with deep research that leads to wildly innovative compositions (check out his Bandcamp, Soundcloud, and Spotify pages). Georgia Tech Arts is partnering with Gabriel on a year’s worth of residency activities and discussions to prepare for his performance in a future season, and he’d like to know what you think.

Read his letter and respond with your thoughts on technology, efficiency, and the sacrifices we're willing to make for convenience and access to information. Gabriel prefers snail mail, but if you’re unable to manage it, please email your letter to info@arts.gatech.edu. We can print and mail it for you. We hope you enjoy this opportunity to connect personally with Gabriel Kahane and his work!

Gabriel Kahane with guitar at a microphone in performance in London.