Terminus Modern Ballet Theatre: InterActions | Boundaries of Sensory Experience

Friday October 01, 2021 8:00 pm

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Terminus Modern Ballet Theatre: 
InterActions | Boundaries of Sensory Experience

In what Georgia Tech Arts and Terminus Modern Ballet Theatre (TMBT) have dubbed the “Grand Neuroethics Challenge,” the two companies are bringing to life through dance the fast-evolving and merging fields of neuroscience, technology, and A.I. Join New York City-based choreographer, dancer, and director Troy Schumacher, in collaboration with leading scientists from Georgia Tech and Emory University, as he and TMBT explore the fascinating and consequential possibilities in the advancement of neuroscience.

InterActions | Boundaries of Sensory Experience brings forth the neuroethical questions at play in an intimate evening of world class dance at the leading edge of neuroscience. Enjoy this look into the creative process as artists, research scientists, and you, the audience, dive into discussions about our sensory experience and AI and its ethical frontiers, accompanied by live performance excerpts from the dancers of TMBT.

The full work, performed by Terminus Modern Ballet Theatre, will premiere in March 2022 at the Ferst Center for the Arts.

This performance is made possible in part through a generous grant from the Charles Loridans Foundation

An intimate evening of world-class dance and discussion at the leading edge of neuroscience.
A male dancer, dressed in a beige tank top and pants and face mask, is airborne, his feet above the fence line behind him and his arms outstretched above him, silhouetted against green, leafy trees.