Tech goes to ACCelerate: Smithsonian Creativity and Innovation Festival

March 29, 2019

Washington, DC

ACC Selects Four Georgia Tech Projects for 2019 Smithsonian Creativity Fest  

The Georgia Institute of Technology heads to Washington, DC this spring for ACCelerate: ACC Smithsonian Creativity and Innovation Festival. Four Georgia Tech projects will be featured in the festival held at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History April 5-7, 2019. The festival, a gathering of the 15 Atlantic Coast Conference institutions, celebrates creative exploration and research at the nexus of science, engineering, art, and design.

The festival features performances and interactive installations from the 15 ACC schools. The Georgia Tech projects are created by students, faculty, and researchers who are crossing traditional boundaries to develop new possibilities for exploration, expression, and creativity. These four projects were selected from among 14 Georgia Tech submissions juried by the ACC Festival Committee:

FaceSynth - an interactive audio exhibit that allows visitors to “play” an analog synthesizer with their facial expressions. FaceSynth eliminates the learning curve for visitors by intuitively translating a visitor’s facial expressions into beautiful analog synthesis. Project Members: Carter Culwell, Daniel Kuntz

Psi and Delta - a collaborative classroom video game that enables students to experience the world of the very small. Players control robots in a virtual quantum world that transforms the standard mathematical results of quantum mechanics to rule systems that are easy to learn and master. Project Members:  Aditya Anupam, Colin Stricklin, Charlie Denton, Shubhangi Gupta, Pragati Singh, Nassim Parvin, Azad Naeemi.

Light Orchard - over two dozen light stations allow for both touch input and visual output. As visitors walk through the system, the stations work together to present visuals, run simulations, and play games. Project Members: Noah Posner, Matt Swarts, Heydn Ericson, James Hallam, Ellen Do, and Clement Zheng.

Sound Happening - in this playful music-making installation, participants interact with balls while standing underneath a webcam that tracks the motion of the balls. The installation acts as an invisible keyboard where participants trigger tones depending on where they stand and the color of the ball, creating unique soundscapes. Project Members: Richard Savery, Duri Long, Brian Magerko

For more information about the Tech teams please contact the Georgia Tech Office of the Arts.

The 2019 ACCelerate festival is programmed by Virginia Tech’s Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology and the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History’s Lemelson Center for the Study of Invention and Innovation.

For more information about the ACC and to view a full schedule of events, please visit:

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