Take a Masterclass with Guitarist & Composer Kaki King Now Through July 31

July 31, 2020

Kaki King joined us this past February for a week-long residency on campus, where she perfected her upcoming touring show, led an interactive, experimental workshop with student guitarists, and visited classrooms. She wants to continue to stay in touch with Atlanta leading up to her Georgia Tech Arts performances in a future season, so she’s releasing her masterclasses for free on Facebook and YouTube.

You’re invited to play along and upload your own video using her signature technique with #KakiMasterclass, so she can repost you on her channels! Even if you don’t play guitar, she tells great stories that you're sure to enjoy about the inspiration for some of her most iconic songs from previous albums.

A series of virtual masterclasses available whenever you are!
Kaki King in a silver jumpsuit, sitting in a chair with guitar.