Komansé Dance Theater: Skid

Friday January 25, 2019 8:00 pm
Saturday January 26, 2019 8:00 pm

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Skid is a celebration of the vulnerability and strength of humanity. Komansé Dance Theater takes a provocative look at homelessness and gentrification in the metro Atlanta area and beyond. Using an innovative set design and featuring 3D printed costuming, this production brings together dance and technological innovation to embody the human connection between art and social justice. Content Warning: Skid utilizes music with racial language and slurs. Topics such as police brutality will be examined. The show may not be appropriate for all audiences and is not recommended for children.

Learn More! January 23 at 6 pm - Skid: The Prelude is an exciting, informative, and interactive event that provides an opportunity to learn more about Komansé Dance Theater’s debut show, Skid.  At this free event you can peer into the window of Skid, learning about the inspiration and purpose behind the development of the show. Featuring engaging panelists, innovative costume designs, and artwork, The Prelude further pushes to capture the attention of a multi-generational audience. Ferst Center for the Arts.

Performance Tickets: Georgia Tech campus discounts apply to this Arts@Tech event!  See the Ferst Center Box Office, M-F, 11-5.