GT Laptop Orchestra and New Music Ensemble

Friday April 16, 2021 7:30 pm

Georgia Tech Laptop Orchestra and New Music Ensemble
Sound, Score, and Place: An Evening of World Premieres for Atlanta
Georgia Tech Arts Skyline Series | Live Music
Friday, April 16, 2021 at 7:30 p.m.

What is the sound of Atlanta? How can the visual language of the city, its neighborhoods, and its places inspire experimental musical scores and new electronic sounds? The Georgia Tech Laptop Orchestra will present three world premieres created by its members that explore an iconic part of Atlanta through graphic music notation and experimental electronic performance.

The Georgia Tech Laptop Orchestra, directed by Jason Freeman, is a laboratory for music technology majors to learn about audio synthesis, sound design, interactive music systems, and experimental musical forms. 

Jason Freeman is Professor and Chair of the School of Music. His artistic practice and scholarly research focus on using technology to engage diverse audiences in collaborative, experimental, and accessible musical experiences. He also develops educational interventions in K-12, university, and online environments that broaden and increase engagement in STEM disciplines through authentic integrations of music and computing

The New Music Ensemble, directed by Benjamin Diden, is dedicated to performing contemporary music using a flexible instrumentation.

Benjamin Diden is the Assistant Director of Bands at Georgia Tech where he assists with the direction of the marching band and pep band. He is also the conductor of the concert band and symphonic band. 

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In a darkened room, casually dressed young men and women sit in a semicircle with laptop computers on their laps, intently looking at their screens. The glow from their screens illuminates their faces.
In a large, open room, casually dressed young men and women sit in a semicircle with laptop computers on their laps, intently looking at their screens. A person is standing at the center, conducting.