Get Creative

Georgia Tech Arts offers unique opportunities for the community to express their creativity and engage with local and international artists. Activities offered will include student, faculty, and staff art exhibitions; lecture/demonstrations; interactive workshops; pop-up performances; jam sessions; and more. 

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Scroll down to learn about current engagement activities with the artists in the 20-21 Georgia Tech Arts Series, and for opportunities to connect with other students. Come back often as new events are added!

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Imagine a Fearless Future with the Fearless Collective Workshop Series

Join Shilo Shiv Suleman, artist and founder of South Asian-based public art project Fearless Collective, in a series of workshops that encourage participants to identify problems and work collaboratively to create a re-centered world. Select a track and meet online with a small cohort of your peers to imagine creative solutions around the topics of Self and IdentityPower, Governance, and SecurityHealth, Care, and Healing; and Earth, Economy, and Resources.  Click here for details, dates, and a link to the registration form (deadline October 23, 2020.)

The Fearless Future series is presented by Georgia Tech Arts in partnership with Georgia Tech’s LGBTQIA Resource Center and Women’s Resource Center.

Write a Letter to Gabriel Kahane 

You are invited to join Georgia Tech Arts in creating meaningful, virtual connections with the artists who are partnering with us for the coming year of creative explorations. American composer and singer-songwriter Gabriel Kahane has written a letter, asking us to respond with our thoughts on technology, efficiency, and the sacrifices we're willing to make for convenience and access to information. Will you write back to Gabriel?

Take a Masterclass with Guitarist & Composer Kaki King

Renowned guitarist Kaki King joined us this past February for a week-long residency on campus. She wants to continue to stay in touch with Atlanta leading up to her Georgia Tech Arts performances in the future, so she’s releasing her masterclasses for free on Facebook and YouTube. Even if you’re not a musician, there’s so much to learn, and enjoy, from listening to her!

View the Clough Art Crawl

This  art exhibit enables all students to express themselves creatively. The installation is on display in our new online gallery.  Take a look at what Georgia Tech students are painting, drawing, photographing, sculpting, writing, coding, and so much more!


*All programs subject to change.


Image from When Strings Connect: An Interactive Workshop with Kaki King presented by Georgia Tech Arts. Photo by Brian Wallenberg.