Eco-Commons Art Installation

January 22, 2021

Patrick Dougherty creates unique, large-scale art installations using locally-sourced natural materials. As part of Georgia Tech’s commitment to sustainability, the Institute has established the EcoCommons, 80-acres of greenspace that will preserve the natural topography and link smart infrastructure across campus. The most recent section to open, which comprises 8 acres, is the home for his sculptures. Find out what Patrick has envisioned for Tech’s campus and help him create it! Volunteer opportunities start January 7 and continue through January 22, 2021.

Image credits: "Sortie de cave/Free at Last," 2008, Jardin des Arts, Châteauborg, France. Photo by Charles Crie.  "River Vessels in Process" 2010, Waco Cultural Arts Festival, Texas. Photo by Philip Ravencroft

Help Create a Site-specific Sculpture with World-renowned Artist Patrick Dougherty.
A woman and a man are outside, dressed in warm-weather work clothes. They are working with branches and saplings, adding them to a 10-foot high sculptural installation made entirely of natural materials.