Arts@Tech Presents - Katherine Helen Fisher: Characters

Sunday March 05, 2017 5:00 pm
Saturday March 04, 2017 8:00 pm

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Characters is Safety Third's dance and new media work created and performed by Katherine Helen Fisher in collaboration with director Shimmy Boyle. A continuation of Fisher’s deep interest in interdisciplinary collaboration and its capacity to reinvigorate dance, the piece explores the connection between identity and technology, and the human need for ritual.

In this unique collaboration with Georgia Tech researchers, Characters features a wearable tech costume the audience can touch during the show that has been created by Safety Third Productions and Clint Zeagler, Interactive Media Technology Center research scientist.

Through the Creative Collisions project, Fisher met in workshop environments with Georgia Tech researchers for several months to explore common barriers of resources, access, communication, and collaboration, and to then provide a blank slate for artists and technologists to create work together. The workshops offered artists the opportunity to view technology prototypes and brainstorm ways to incorporate them in their work.

“The garment Katherine and I have worked on together will aid in audience interaction," said Zeagler. "Specifically, the audience will physically touch it during her performance, creating an engaging experience. The garment is called Le Monstre and it's a jumping, frolicking, happy thing that lights up, and helps control the stage experience through touch.”

Partners on Creative Collisions include the Georgia Tech Wearable Computing Center, the Interactive Media Technology Center, and the Office of the Arts. The project is funded by IPaT as part of the Research and Engagement Grants Program.

Content Note: This performance contains nudity in its video portions.

Parking Note: Due to the Atlanta United FC game on campus on March 5, all ticket holders to the performance on 3/5 will receive a parking pass via email. This pass must be placed on your dashboard for complimentary admission to the Area 3 W02 parking deck. If you have questions or have not received your pass, please contact the Ferst Center Box Office at 404-894-9600 or



Katherine Helen Fisher
Katherine Helen Fisher
Katherine Helen Fisher