Call for Students: Imagine a Fearless Future with the Fearless Collective Workshop Series

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Call for Students: Imagine a Fearless Future with the Fearless Collective Workshop Series, May 2021

Join Shilo Shiv Suleman, artist and founder of Southeast Asia-based public art project Fearless Collective, as she guides our community in a series of virtual, immersive discovery workshops that reclaim self-representation for women and misrepresented communities.

The Fearless Futures workshops give students the opportunity to imagine together through the lens of a particular topic ways to improve their communities and themselves. Students will lean on their academic understanding and social awareness to develop potential, real-life projects that encourage innovation, togetherness, and well-being. These workshops are a safe space to self-reflect, express your creativity, and to collaborate with a diverse group of people who, like you, want a fearless future.

There are two interactive tracks that encourage participants to reimagine the components of their future world. Select a track and meet online with a small cohort of your peers to imagine creative solutions around the topics of Body + Identity or Power + Governance. Each cohort is limited to 15 students and will meet online three times in May with the goal of transforming the discoveries of these meetings into a community-inspired project ideas and proposals. The complete schedule is linked in the questionnaire below.

This opportunity is open to all Atlanta college students (undergraduate and graduate) who want to move beyond critical thinking and into a space of imagination and creative solutions for future worlds free from fear. Interested students must be available for all sessions within their chosen track and complete this questionnaire for consideration.

Applications are due by April 30, 2021 at 11:59 p.m.

Workshop Descriptions:

Body + Identity
May 11, 14, and 18

In this Fearless Futures session we will imagine how we want to inhabit our bodies and selves, shape our identities, and live in relation with others in a world free from fear. In order to be able to go into this safe and sacred future we will suspend all the guilt, all the shame, all the fear that we have about our bodies so we can begin to imagine how we want to connect with ourselves, our bodies and communities. We will then begin to create alternative ways of perceiving, protecting, and representing our bodies and relationships.

Power + Governance
May 19, 21, and 25

We have been witness to recent years of uprising and undoing - shifting power. Historically, movements around the world have influenced each other: wave upon wave as we make a new civilization. As we work towards the changes we want to see, we know how difficult it can be to step away from our struggles and take a moment to imagine a world where there is no more oppression. And yet, it’s important to be able to imagine the worlds we want. • What is the source of your power? • How will power be manifested in a fearless future? • How do we belong? Can we choose where we belong?