Katherine Helen Fisher

Kate Fisher

Katherine Helen Fisher is a Los Angeles-based director, performer, choreographer, filmmaker, and producer.

Her media works have been screened at Art Basil Switzerland, The Los Angeles County Museum of Art, The San Francisco Dance Film Festival, and Dance Films Association’s Big Screen Series. Her choreography for the stage has been presented by Joe’s Pub, The Brooklyn Museum of Art, Judson Church and Danspace Project and at several off Broadway venues.

She is currently developing Characters, an evening-length solo show incorporating extended techniques for new media in performance, which will premier at Georgia Tech in 2017. Characters is created in collaboration with electronic musician Nelly Kate and designers Leslie Rogers, Valincy-Jean Patelli, Jeepneys and Milan DelVecchio. A continuation of Fisher’s deep interest in interdisciplinary collaboration and its capacity to reinvigorate dance, the mixed media piece explores the connection between identity and technology, and the human need for ritual through dance and visual media. Fisher brings a feminist consciousness to the engineering of the emerging technologies and dance.

Fisher will work in an exploratory workshop with Georgia Tech students, faculty, and researchers over several months. This exploration will offer opportunities for artists to learn about engineering/technology creative processes and practice, and the experts in engineering/technology will see first-hand what artists need to relate to broad audiences in site-specific locations in their process and practice. This workshop offers a blank slate for artists and technologists to create together rather than having each other “assist” in the other’s already-existing project.

This engagement addresses the need to 1) understand how artists and technologists ideate, communicate, and create within their groups and 2) create effective methods and design processes that provide collaborative access points for artists and technologists to effectively work together. The methods in this collaboration seek to create a bridge between artists looking to integrate advanced technologies in their process with the designers making these technologies.