Facility Rental

Ferst Center Lobby

Rental Overview

The Ferst Center for the Arts, located on the campus of Georgia Tech, is an 970-seat theatre. New renovations make this the ideal venue for performances, films, lectures, conferences, and competitions. Recent renovations in the theater include all-new seats, new areas for accessible seating, new paint, aisle lighting, and carpet. The Ferst Center’s renovated lobby is perfect for your next party, reception or smaller lectures, luncheons, and meetings. For general information on renting the Ferst Center, please click here.

For Ferst Center Technical Specifications please click here.

Rental Process
Please note that rental requests must be submitted at least two weeks in advance of your event but availability for the theater and lobbies is often limited.  Private events do not show up on the Ferst calendar.
1. To request use of the Ferst Center theater or lobby, fill out the online rental request form. (Campus departments and GT students go here: https://gtevents.gatech.edu/EMSWebApp/ and see additional information below)
2. An event coordinator will contact you to discuss your date within five business days of your request.
3. A pre-production meeting will be set up with you to determine technical and box office costs.
4. A contract will be emailed to you. You must sign and the contract along with:
- Proof of Insurance
- Ticket Set-Up Form, if applicable
- 501(c)3 or other non-profit determination letter, if applicable
- Deposit of 25% rental fee & technical fees estimate (Internal billing form for campus groups)
5. Two weeks before the event date, the remainder of the rental fee and technical fees estimate is due.
6. You will receive final settlement invoice or payment within 30 days of the event.
When renting the facility you must use an approved Georgia Tech Caterer for all of your food and drink needs.

Georgia Tech Departments and Student Organizations

Campus departments

Campus Departments are welcome to present lectures, meetings, receptions and events of all kinds in the Ferst Center for the Arts.  Academic events may qualify for free rent, but this status must be confirmed with the Event Coordinator when setting up the contract for the event. All departments must pay for all other costs associated with using the Ferst Center, including but not limited to required labor, equipment, janitorial, set-up, etc.  Important Note: Ferst Center Lighting, Sound, Followspot and AV Operators must be present when those systems are used. These expenses may not be reimbursed by an outside entity when the department is receiving free space rental. Please call the Event Coordinator at 404-894-2787 to check the availability of your date.

Student Organizations

Georgia Tech student organizations are welcome to present events in the Ferst Center.  Students are encouraged to speak with the Event Coordinator at 404-894-2787 to understand all the costs, requirements, and expectations of presenting an event at the Ferst Center.

Student organizations may be eligible for Student Government Association (SGA) funding and should discuss this with the Event Coordinator.  Important Note: The student organization must be the presenter of the event and must be listed in this manner on any advertisement of tickets for the event. Student organizations cannot permit off-campus organizations to use the Ferst Center by requesting usage through the student organization, and cannot be reimbursed for expenses by an outside entity.

Student organizations must provide a campus organizational representative that will be present at all pre-production meetings and at all times when using the facility, whether at rehearsal, performances or related events. The student organization’s faculty advisor and Student Organization Advisor must sign the Permit Agreement.