Tech Connect: Take a Closer Look!

Tech Connect events bring you closer to the artists, create discussion on the themes of the work, and make connections between people all year long. The following events are free to the Tech community and are in conjunction with artists and performances sponsored by the Office of the Arts. Note that Tech Connect events are subject to change.

BANDALOOP vertical dance company

Workshop: The Techniques of Manual Cinema  
Friday, January 11 at 6:30 pm, Free

Try your own hand at Manual Cinema's approach to storytelling. Conducted on the stage at the Ferst Center, you'll learn how this innovative company tells different stories with live action, puppetry, video, and music. The 2-hour workshop includes storyboarding and sound/composition exercises. Pizza will be served at 6 pm and the workshop starts at 6:30 pm. Space is limited; reserve your spot by entering promo code ManualWorkshop19 on the left side of this page: https://tickets.arts.gatech.edu/Online/default.asp.

Skid: The Prelude
Wednesday, January 23 at 6 pm, Free
Ferst Center for the Arts

Skid: The Prelude is an exciting, informative, and interactive event that provides an opportunity to learn more about Komansé Dance Theater’s debut show, Skid.  At this event you can peer into the window of Skid, learning about the inspiration and purpose behind the development of the show. Featuring engaging panelists, innovative costume designs, and artwork, The Prelude further pushes to capture the attention of a multi-generational audience.

There's much more to come in Tech Connect this year!  Check back soon for more events!