Creative Curricular Initiatives

Creative Curricular Initiatives: Tech students in Patrick Ellis' LMC1102 course, which incorporates the study of zoetropes and optical toys. 


Spring 2018 CCI Projects

The Georgia Tech Office of the Arts and the Georgia Tech Arts Council named 14 faculty, staff, and student projects as part of the Creative Curricular Initiatives program for Spring 2018. 

The projects were selected from among 35 proposals and included:

  • LMC 3306: Science, Race, and Technology: Exploring the Lyrics of Outkast and Trap Music to Engage Politics of Social Justice - Leader: Joycelyn Wilson, Assistant Professor, School of Literature, Media, and Communication.
  • ME 4214: Mechanical Behavior of Materials - Leader: Antonia Antoniou, Associate Professor, School of Mechanical Engineering - Students analyze dinosaur skeletons at Fernbank Museum and construct sculptures in the style of Jansen’s Strandbeests inspired by biological and engineering structures, with a culminating public exhibition on campus.
  • LMC 3258: Documentary Film - Leader: John Thornton, Video Production Coordinator, School of Literature, Media, and Communication - Students write and produce documentary films related to local social justice issues and screen them at a film festival at the Plaza Theater.
  • ENGL 1102: Media Archeology - Leader: Patrick Ellis, Brittain Fellow, Writing and Communication Program - Students will learn how to produce zoetropes, some of which will be featured in a retroTECH pop-up exhibit.
  • STEMcomm VIP Team - Leader: Jennifer Leavey, Integrated Science Curriculum Coordinator, College of Sciences - Students design and disseminate a print edition of Charged magazine combining creative science writing and illustrations.
  • Schlieren Imaging Photography Exhibition - Leader: Kenji Bomar, Undergraduate, School of Physics - A photo series using Schlieren imaging, a process that makes heat and other gases visible, will be created and exhibited on campus.
  • Research Impact on Everyday Georgians - Leader: Alyson Powell, Communications Officer, Institute for People and Technology - A workshop and subsequent exhibition use photographic portraits and narratives to showcase the actual or potential impact of research on the challenges facing “everyday” Georgians.
  • Invisible Sculpture Garden - Leader: Joshua Fisher, Doctoral Student, Digital Media -An augmented reality application enables students to build and share virtual abstract sculptures across campus.
  • Arts and Leadership Masterclass - Leader: Stacey Doremus, Assistant Director for Leadership Education and Development Programs and Systems, Division of Student Life - A series of events and workshops that incorporate learning processes of arts-based methods to leadership development.
  • Earth and Planetary Sciences and Music - Leader: Zhigang Peng, Professor, School of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences - Visiting speaker series, student seminar, and education / outreach activities focused on the sonification of earth and planetary sciences data.
  • ArtHacks - Leader: Caroline Ware, Undergraduate, Biomedical Engineering; Executive Board, Art Matters - A 12-hour creative hackathon in which student teams will create an art piece of any medium in order to answer a greater theme.
  • Environmental and Social Sustainability Through the Arts - Leader: Jennifer Lux, The Ray Anderson Center for Sustainable Business - A series of projects including a timeline of sustainable business, a new sculpture thematically focused on sustainability, and a campus workshop and exhibit for GT artists interested in sustainability.
  • MImE (Movement Improv Environment) - Leader: Mikhail Jacob, Doctoral Student, Computer Science - The development of an artificially intelligent theatrical improviser and its deployment in high-traffic locations on campus in collaboration with student drama groups.
  • Leucine Zipper and the Zinc Fingers - Leader: Jennifer Leavey, Integrated Science Curriculum Coordinator, College of Sciences - Recordings and performances of this science-based rock band created by GT faculty, along with integration of the band’s music videos into multiple science courses on campus.

The Strategic Plan Advisory Group has provided the initial support for Creative Curricular Initiatives.