October 7, 2016

Painted steel, 2007-2008
7.5'H x 6.4'D x 7.7'W
Location: Tech Walkway Triangle

Artist: John Clement

Artist Statement:
For over a decade I have been focusing on the creation and installation of public sculpture. In the early stages of my career I experienced the importance of public art first-hand while mentoring under two of America’s most important sculptors and public art pioneers, Mark di Suvero and John Henry.

The sculptures I create are large-scale, painted steel forms with open and inviting negative spaces. The interlocking coils of steel create a dynamic energy drawing viewers into the work while safely providing sections to sit, lean or stand on. The sculptures’ open, curvilinear forms and movement of line create varying perspectives of space. Viewers are provided a fresh look from all approaches while cultivating a unique and ongoing dialogue with the surrounding architectural and/or pastoral landscape. As highly visible works of art situated in prominent locations, my sculptures offer multiple functions; serving as locations for quiet reflection, landmarks and social meeting places, and opportunities for spatial investigation. Fabricated from welded and painted steel pipe, my sculptures are extremely durable. Past public projects have proven to be highly successful both in the budgetary realm, often closing under budget, and in public reception. Most recent successful projects include Learning Curves and Ta Da, two public commissions for the City of Long Beach, CA.

My sculptures speak of imagination, invention and exploration and pay tribute to our creative traditions by presenting forms that signify hope and potential. Taking sculpture out of the galleries and museums and into the public realm is an invaluable part of our cultural tradition as well as an important public service.

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