School of Architecture student work part of exhibit at Museum of Design Atlanta

October 7, 2016

Atlanta, GA

Mission: Alpha Centauri

A group of School of Architecture students are participating in an exhibit entitled "Mission: Alpha Centauri," on display now through January 26th at the Museum of Design Atlanta (MODA).

The students have thought ahead to the end of the 22nd century following the catastrophic effects of a global war and found life on Earth to be on the brink of extinction. The remaining nations in desperation have united to form an alliance in a final effort to save the future of mankind. Their main mission is to seek life elsewhere around the universe. For this one way trip, Earth’s remaining resources will be used to send out space colonies that will investigate habitable planets around Alpha Centauri, the closest solar system to our Sun. Using advanced technology scientists build self sustaining spaceships with renewable energy to carry the space fleet throughout the universe.

For the space exploration program, a team of architecture students was assembled to come up with concepts for the design of spaceships. With the impossible task at hand, students started from thinking the overall design in terms of highly complex parts. While some designs support additive assembly schemas, others create expressive structures that feature one of the main modules.


Sabri Gokmen


Joanna Bledsoe, Allison Buker, Ira Campbell, Alexandra Crownover, Lawrence Dossche, Guido Erazo, Jose Garza De La Cruz, Erika Hogan, Michelle Kraus, Jialu Li, Zitong Ma, James MacDaniel, Dillon Mertens, David Moore, Alicia Rabadan, Geoffrey Rees, Yujia Ren, Stacy Scott, Brian Sudduth, Yifeng Sun, Heather Waite, Yingying Zeng


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Lisa Herrmann

Director of Communications