Collision of Creatives: Katherine Helen Fisher and IPaT

Technology and Art Workshop Launches Artist Residency

November 17, 2016

Atlanta, GA

Exploring the collison of art and technology at Georgia Tech this weekend are mixed media artist and choreographer Katherine Helen Fisher and technologists from the Georgia Tech Wearable Computing Center and the Interactive Media Technology Center. They will explore how each group can learn to better communicate and work together in their respective fields. 

The arts can be an effective showcase to demonstrate the potential of cutting-edge and advanced technologies, but barriers often exist in access, communication, and collaboration between artists and technologists. Led by Georgia Tech's Laura Levy (IMTC), Maribeth Gandy (IMTC), and Clint Zeagler (WCC), the experts in engineering and technology will see firsthand what artists need to relate to broad audiences in site specific locations in their process and practice.

This collaboraton is not only unique to Georgia Tech, but offers artists an exclusive opportunity to view technology prototypes not yet on the market, and to brainstorm ways this can be incorporated in their work.  The collaboration concludes with Fisher's performance of Characters at the Ferst Center on March 5, 2017.

Partners on the project include the Georgia Tech Wearable Computing Center, the Interactive Media Technology Center, and the Office of the Arts.  The Collision of Creatives project is funded by GVU and IPAT.


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