Artwork by Allyson Stone Featured in Skiles Hallway

October 7, 2016

Atlanta, GA

The show curated by Jillann Hertel, MFA features the work of Science, Technology, and Culture (STAC) major Allyson "Ally" Stone, a graduating senior in STAC's final class. The major has been replaced by the new Bachelor of Science in Literature, Media, and Communication. Hertel explains,"I was first taken with Ally's photography when I encountered her work in Dr. Rebecca Burnett's Non-linear Documents course during an end-of-semester class exhibition in Fall 2013.  I currently teach a new holistic career preparedness course that covers both the basics of landing a job and maintaining a career but also explores passion, aptitude, and overall life satisfaction. You know, the often elusive mix of ingredients that makes for a 'happy' life."

Stone is taking Hertel's course and through it she has been examining her passion for photography and her options for a career in visual art and writing.

The show, "Being Pictorial," focuses on the quiet artistry of living things. It will be up through Summer semester 2015.

Hertel observes, "We hope submissions for class projects and other student art will come rolling in as we continue to showcase the art and Hands-on Humanities projects of our LMC classes.

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